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Toledo – El Valle


El Valle is a group of estates managed professionally all year round to ensure best quality rough shooting and also duck shoots. It combines 2.000 hectares of ideal habitats and varied topography for partridges, hares, rabbits, ducks, pheasants, and also thrushes and doves during the specific season.

Thanks to the wide variety of its terrain, clients can combine different shooting areas in the same day and getting the feeling of hunting in completely different properties. The estate is located 100 km south of Madrid, only 1 hour drive from the airport.

Hunting modalities available:


hunting dog

Rough shooting days are organized for small parties of 3 or 4 guns accompanied by experienced guides with retriever’s dogs, who control the game quota (amongst partridges, rabbits, hares, ducks, thrushes, quails and pigeons) and assist the guns walking for several hours each morning. The shooting parties can be composed by more than 4 clients but it is recommended to split in groups of 4 to get a better experience. We also arrange catering service on request. All the shootings accessories can be provided as well as guns rental, ammunition, etc.


duck shooting

El Valle has several small lakes along the Algodor river that cross the property where we organize duck shooting (mostly mallards), for groups from 2 up to 8 guns. Each gun is accompanied by one secretario to help also counting and picking up all ducks. Clients will be place on fixed pegs, were they will have a 360 overview of the area as ducks will be usually coming and going in any direction and height. Your day can be splitted in two so that you can relax back in the lodge with a great wine and recover strength to get back to the shooting. Great breakfast, tapas and meal are served on the lodge.




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