Diana Campo

We strongly recommend you to visit this website, to find out more about the best available Labradors in Spain.


We recommend you to visit the famous Gunsmith “Alex” in Paris, not only for wise advice regarding European guns, but also to check and plan with Jean Daniel Mercier about any shooting trip.


We are proud to announce the formal agreement with The British Field Sports to represent and promote our Spanish shoots within the U.K. market.

Los Melonares

Diana Campo has reached a long term agreement with Family Madariaga, owners of estate “Los Melonares” to promote and represent in exclusivity for the UK market.

El Gargantón

This estate is located in Piedrabuena (Ciudad Real), in a magnificent natural setting comprise 6.000 hectáreas and offers not only quality but also density of red deer, wild boar, roe deer and mouflon sheep.


Grulla Arms, tradition and quality in Spanish gunmarkers.


There has long since a demand by international shooters for top-quality driven hunts in Mallorca and after many years of research, we found “Las Barracas” with the best possible location and close to 2000 acres of land.


The most famous worldwide name in quality gunsmith, share with Diana Campo its passion on country sports and the sponsorship of the City Shooting Championship.